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About Us

My name is Lakeshia. I am a single mom of two wonderful boys. I found my interest and desire to become a business owner during the early months of the pandemic. I never thought I would make it this far if it weren't for my boys. They have watched me create and design so many things and kept me motivated. They always said, wow, mommy, your good; you should start a business, so I did. My boys enjoy being a helping hand as I am working with our business. My business is CreationsBy1Ms. Keshia LLC. I have now added two clothing brands under our business, "Boss Queen" and "Boss King." We look forward to everyone getting to know my brand. I am a single mom (Boss Queen) of two boys (Boss King). I always tell them they are a "Boss King" and can do anything they put their minds to and succeed. So our brand names came from this.


We provide excellent retail customer service and exceptional communication skills. Our employees are trained and skilled with customer service and product knowledge. We will work hard to keep our customers happy. I want to thank everybody for all the continued support. We appreciate you all very much.

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